Executive MBA

The Philosopy behind our MBA

We live in a time of great complexity for businesses and organisations. Such pressures require advanced management skills based on sound judgment and a rounded perspective. There are no simple solutions and there is rarely a right answer – how then are managers to cope with the increased demands placed upon them?

We believe the answer lies in embracing complexity rather than attempting to reduce the challenges of modern business to quick fixes and glossy metaphors.

There are no “10 Steps to Greatness” programmes in modern business and the promises of inspirational or motivational gurus rarely deliver tangible results to the bottom line. All we can achieve, in terms of personal development, is the capacity to recognize more fully what we confront and consider how we might – under unique circumstances – best move forward: for ourselves, our organisations and our societies.

As a state-based university, we are driven first and foremost by a desire to provide broader societal benefit through high-quality, evidence-based development and education. We approach the subject of business administration in ways that are holistic, challenging and, we believe, valuable to participants. We encourage people to question fundamental and taken-for-granted assumptions about their everyday understanding of management and leadership practice.

While our Executive MBA inspires and motivates, that is not its sole purpose. By anchoring everything we do in a substantial base of evidence, we move away from the veneer of management “how to” guides and into the realms of substance and what is actually known. We believe that blind faith and management superstition is no substitute for sound reason however well intentioned.

The entire SBS Executive MBA programme is underpinned by consideration of four critical determinants: Change; Critical Creativity; Internationalisation; and Ethics & Sustainability. These four thematic currents are integrated into the curriculum with the intention of providing participants a holistic, yet focused, perspective of today’s business environment.